Relationship Counseling

‘Rising in Love’ offers the possibility to benefit from a unique type of Relationship Counseling.

When difficulties arise in relationships — love relationships, work relationships, or relationships with friends or with oneself — very often we don’t have the tools to understand what’s going on in the relationship itself, until we reach a point of difficulty. Or maybe we reach the point that we see the only way is to close the relationship and separate from our beloved; or maybe the only way we see is to keep the relationship going with a lot of compromise. Without tools and understanding of what is happening to us as a couple, we can stay caught in the same painful patterns or we can give up and decide to avoid relationships and live alone. Or maybe, after many painful stories, we give up on ourselves and give up on a full, loving, creative and flowing life, because we lost the connection with our essence.

In the way I offer my relationship counseling I invite the client to look deeper into relationship dynamics, with him or herself and with the other. I help with coming to understand, with the acceptance and with the transformation of our wounds; with transforming difficulties and the discomfort that relationships naturally bring up. This leads into an opportunity of inner growth and into a possibility to go deeper with our beloved and to create a loving, honest and mature relationship. Helping the client to bring understanding and healing of these wounds, brings the possibility to create the kind of love connection we need, and we can continue to develop the ability to rise in love.

The lack of tools and the lack of understanding about how to be in relationship, about our beliefs and our wounds of the past, prevents us from knowing how to express love, how to express our inner qualities, and our basic needs. And because of our inner traumas or past experiences we are not able to set limits, to say no, to let go of compromises, to end painful and dysfunctional relationships.

Through an inner journey, with Relationship Counseling the client can re-learn a healthy model of deep connection and a step by step process of re-creating self trust about oneself, one's essential qualities, integrating also the sensitive and delicate parts, so as to be able to open in a deep and honest way and to be able to create loving, mature relationships in tune with oneself and the other.

The work is developed in two paths: one is in individual sessions or couple sessions; the other is in workshops or seminars of one or more days.